Position Availability

Postdoctoral position available

To study the molecular mechanisms of G protein-coupled receptor hijacking by S. aureus

To combat resistant strains of S. aureus (SA), we urgently need to target novel molecular mechanisms essential for SA growth and pathogenesis. One such essential mechanism is bacterial leukotoxins that hijack human chemokine G protein-coupled receptors on the surface of myeloid and erythroid cells, leading to the destruction of these cells.

This project aims at deciphering the structural, mechanistic and pharmacological aspects of the interaction between S. aureus (SA) bi-component leukocidins and host chemokine receptors using an integrative structural mass spectrometry and pharmacology approach (Grison et al. PNAS 2021). This will be of great biotechnological interest aiming at developing novel inhibitors to tackle SA growth and virulence.

The project is within the framework of an ANR JCJC research program and will be conducted under the supervision of Chérine Bechara within the group of Sébastien Granier and Bernard Mouillac.

The successful candidate will join the Granier-Mouillac Lab focused on deciphering the molecular mechanisms of membrane protein function using an integrated strategy combining molecular and structural pharmacology approaches and computational methods. The Granier-Mouillac Lab is part of the Institute of Functional Genomics (IGF), which carries out interdisciplinary research at the forefront of structural, biochemical, genetic, epigenetic, omics, physiological and behavioral studies.

The IGF is located in Montpellier, a growing and highly dynamic city in the south of France, at the heart of the famous University of Montpellier, one of the oldest in Europe, making it a wonderful environment to live and work.

We are looking for highly motivated and ambitious candidates with a Ph.D. degree in mass spectrometry or structural biology. A previous experience in biochemistry is essential; experience with membrane protein expression, purification and reconstitution is preferred.

Applicants should be able to take initiatives and responsibility within the work environment.

Successful applicants are expected to have demonstrated ability to work independently, have good organizational skills, work in an interdisciplinary team, and manage multiple tasks.

The position is for one year with a possible extension to a total of 3 years and will start in as soon as possible. The salary will follow the INSERM guidelines.

Interested applicants should send their CV, a cover letter describing their motivation and contact details of two academic references to Cherine Bechara

Applying for Postdoctoral position in the lab

If you are interested in a postdoctoral position in the lab please contact Dr Sebastien Granier and Dr Bernard Mouillac

Please describe your interests, provide a CV and arrange to have three referees (send letters directly by email). In general postdocs will obtain their own fellowships.